Why Mackey?

The current owners of Mackey Mechanical Services (“Mackey”) got into the HVAC business given our background in commercial property ownership and management. We learned first-hand the frustrations that landlords have keeping tenants comfortable, holding tenants accountable, and budgeting for the maintenance of several old rooftop units on one building.

Mackey Overview

  • Established in 1992; Purchased by the current ownership team in 2020
  • Provides service throughout the Houston area 
  • We have two Class A license holders on staff that set our quality control apart
  • We stock the most common repair parts to minimize downtime 
  • We offer 10-year labor and parts warranty on all new units
  • We maintain an in-house sheet metal shop for commercial trunk line and duct work to ensure quality and short lead time

Mackey can service and install units from 3-50 Tons.  Our focus is to provide landlords and tenants with consistent commercial maintenance plans to prolong the life of each unit.  

Commercial Maintenance Plan

Landlords can utilize Mackey to maintain all of their rooftop units which allows the landlords to charge back their A/C costs via CAM.   Each maintenance plan is $40 a month per RTU for quarterly servicing.  From a landlord perspective this provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures tenants ARE maintaining their units per their lease
  • Helps drop your CAM and R&M budget by utilizing economies of scale
  • Fewer contractors on the roof to poke holes in it, we pick up the screws!
  • Helps landlords to budget for annual repairs and replacements
  • Provides accurate billing to the landlord and to the tenant (up to their HVAC cap)

Our qualified maintenance technicians will check all electrical and mechanical components for proper operation. 


  • Condenser 
  • Fan Motor 
  • Blower Motor 
  • Belts/Pulleys 
  • Heating Operations (if season allows) 
  • Cooling Operations (Delta T) 
  • Compressor Electrical Components (Capacitors, contactors) 
  • Drain Lines 
  • Condition of Condenser Coil 
  • Condition of Evaporator Coil 
  • Change Filters – Standard Merv 8

Mackey Mechanical will service units at quarterly intervals. If any repairs are needed we will inform management and wait for approval prior to any repairs being performed. We will provide reports and performance details after each visit. 

We will also record the following data on each asset: Year, Make, Model #, Serial #, Tonnage, Voltage and Refrigerant Type If property management needs any additional information for their proles, please let us know and we will collect. 

New System Estimates In addition to checking major components, we will provide overall condition of unit, scale of 1-10. A new system estimate will be provided for any asset that we recommend replacement. Preferred partners on new equipment are Trane, Lennox and ICP (Carrier)

Commercial customers we service

Center Point
Finial Group